5 Ways to Celebrate World Environment Day

It’s World Environment Day (June 5)! Taking care of our planet is so important, and we should recognize that every single day. Here are a few ways you can celebrate World Environment Day and make a difference for our planet , today and every day!

1. Plant trees

Trees are one of our best resources to combat climate change. We all learned about photosynthesis in third-grade science class. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees (and other plants) absorb greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, making the air cleaner for us to breathe and mitigating the harmful effects of climate change. As an added bonus, planting more trees also provides shade outside on hot days and habitats for small creatures like birds and squirrels! Try planting some trees or other plants in celebration of World Environment Day!

2. Organize or attend a community clean-up event

With many cities starting to open back up and relaxing COVID restrictions, this summer is the perfect time to get started and “beautify” your community. Kick off your summer the right way by gathering a group of people together to clean up your local community parks! And if your area is still not COVID safe, you can always do it on your own — every step counts!

3. Upcycle stuff from your recycling bin

Instead of shopping for new decorations and fun items this summer, try making your own instead! Simple items like watering cans, planters, and even home decorations can be made using otherwise recycled materials — check your recycling bin for resources to upcycle before going out to buy something new!

4. Watch environmental documentaries

Who knew World Environment Day would give you a good excuse to watch movies all day? Spend some time learning more about environmental issues by watching documentaries or movies. Some good documentaries include Cowspiracy and Seaspiracy, which are all about animal agriculture, or BBC’s Planet Earth, which focuses on the wildlife and biodiversity that we have on our planet.

5. Educate others on the importance of environmental conservation

Individual change is so powerful, but a lot of individuals together is even more powerful. This World Environment Day (and every day after), commit to educating everyone you can about the importance of environmental conservation and protecting our planet. We only have one planet, so let’s cherish it and live lifestyles that can be sustained with the resources we have available on our beautiful planet.

I am a sixteen-year-old trying to raise awareness about important environmental issues!